our mission

At Viwanda Africa, our mission is to drive innovation, intervention and life saving solutions directly to local communities.

Our work

This work includes fostering greater awareness of urgent root causes of newborn morbidity and mortality through Continuous Medical Education (CME).

The Challenge

Kenya is one of the countries with the highest number of preterm and low birth weight babies born each year. With low birth weight, there is an increased risk of neonatal morbidity and mortality.
Low income and vulnerable communities face the greatest challenge in dealing with preterm and low birth weight newborns. They lack access to the interventions, leading to preventable death or even permanent injury.
The core of our company is to tackle the problem of newborn morbidity and mortality. Our mission complies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 – to ensure healthy lives and well being for all at all ages

Our Response

We are a solution-driven company.​ ​Our focus is first and foremost to reach all newborns of low birth weight.​ ​ We put extra effort in reaching low income and vulnerable communities who would otherwise not access our life saving innovations. We have carefully selected high-impact, evidence-based interventions that promote preventative healthcare practices and counter poor health.

Viwanda Africa endeavours to deliver timely solutions and to the right people. Our goal is to ensure maximum efficiency and efficacy in the provision and use of our products to reduce and prevent infant morbidity and mortality.
To ensure that we have a large impact in local communities, we seek to forge collaborative partnerships; working closely with doctors, nurses, government leaders, healthcare innovators, individual consumers, and global partners.
Our innovative health care products include:


We co-develop life saving healthcare solutions with amazing teams all over the world



Not only helps to maintain correct and secure positioning of the baby, but also allows the mother to move freely which encourages longer periods of KMC.



Is a low power electronics bracelet that goes on intact skin of a newborn’s wrist. It monitors hypothermia in clinically stable newborns weighing between 0.5 to 3.5 Kilograms. It has a clinically validated algorithm and highly precise temperature sensing module and alerts caregivers in the event of hypothermia in hospital or home setting. It is globally acknowledged that this can be achieved through Kangaroo Mother Care and Temperature Management.


The Apneboot

Pre-term babies are delicate, which goes without saying. Among the risks they face is apneas, which is cessation of breathing. Apneas can result in permanent injury and death. The Apneboot is a battery-powered wearable boot, which monitors a baby’s blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The boot has an audio-visual alarm to alert the baby’s carer in the event of central apnea. It also has the ability to stimulate the foot immediately central apnea is detected, to prevent any injury in case the carer is not close by. The accuracy of the Apneboot has further been ensured through such features as immediate response, the ability to record and display apnea, and an in-built pulse oximeter




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Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Why US?

We are passionate about prioritizing the health and well-being of all Kenyans, placing people before profit. We have tailored our innovative products and services to suit people from different backgrounds and in different parts of the country. From high income individuals to private hospitals, government facilities and low income consumers; we strive to serve all in equal measure.

Affordability is our key tenet

 ​We ensure that our products are affordable, especially for low income and vulnerable communities.

Accessibility for all

We are practical about providing necessary healthcare innovations down to the local consumers.

Maximum usability

We have carefully picked our products to deliver a high level of usability both in a hospital setting and at home.

Uniquely for local communities

We package our information and products in such a way that local communities understand, and are willing to use these innovative products to promote their health and well-being.

Want to Know More?


We are seeking to work with doctors from around Kenya, to help them and their patients access our products right where they are. [Please fill the contact form below]


We are constantly seeking partnerships with investors who are passionate about healthcare and the general well-being of infants and their parents. [Please fill the contact form below]


Viwanda Africa is here to offer you information and products that give your baby the best chance of getting through those first crucial years. [Please fill the contact form below]


We are serious about prioritizing the greater good and placing people before profit. To prove this, we are working towards achieving full certification as a B Corporation.

We are shaping our operations and business model to these higher standards; keeping us from falling into the typical single-minded focus on shareholder interest and instead helping us maintain broad, inclusive visibility into the impacts on, our clients, the community, the environment, and our staff.