The Challenge

We understand the pressing needs and challenges that require efficient maintenance of your aircraft fleet. AOG resulting from lack of, delayed delivery and high price tags of spare parts is a reality for many operators. The same case goes for the cost of maintenance, not forgetting the times when an aircraft breaks down unexpectedly. We realize that inventory is expensive and so are the software tools to manage them. Viwanda Africa has created solutions to all these challenges, intended to facilitate operational efficiency in the aerospace industry

Our Response

At Viwanda Africa, we have taken a best-practice approach to aircraft maintenance. Our company has laid a firm ground for safety, high quality industry standards, great value, and ethical practices. To counter the issue of aircraft grounding and unwarranted breakdown, we offer the solution of scheduling for preventative maintenance​. That means that you stay on top of any major issues with your aircrafts, and prevent the loss of revenue and time. Our preventative maintenance practices show you how to budget for any likely maintenance costs. In effect, you can plan for ​just-in-time delivery of spare parts​ to avoid wasting money on inventory. We are very keen to use a model that ensures continuous improvement in your operations. We offer training on Lean Principles, to help you learn how to optimize efficiency.

Why Us?

Coming from a background of aerospace manufacturing, ​Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ​ we have extensive experience in the use of software tools and technology for aircraft maintenance.

Our knowledge of the application of Lean Principles also ensures that we offer our customers a system that works efficiently, ​eliminates operational waste ​ and guarantees value for money.

Want to Know More?

Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMOs)

We strive to foster partnerships with AMOs so that ​through our supply chain ​ you can always have access to aircraft spare parts with reduced lead times and cost.

Aircraft Owners

We will dissect your aircraft maintenance needs and suggest a workable, efficient, cost-effective plan to ensure high quality maintenance at all times.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We seek high quality equipment and spare parts to enable us to offer our customers uncompromised safety and efficiency.